Career and Community Education
MAY 08 - Safe Boating In Hawaiian Waters (Oahu)
MAY 14 - Food Safety & Sanitation - ServSafe® 8-Hour Food Handler Certification
MAY 15 - Recreational Thrill Craft Operator Safety Education (Oahu)
MAY 18 - Aug 4 - Photography Lab
22 MAY - Ocean Safety Educational Course (Oahu)
MAY 23 - JUL 1- Atelier Hawai'i
Windward CCE Online
Weekly online courses begin every other Monday.
JUN 6 - 29 - Ag Business Workshop
Course Updates
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Windward CC Garden Tour
Approximately 50 participants from around the island, including donors and alumni, came to explore ...
Employers: Receive up to 50%* off workforce courses
The State of Hawaii ETF Program provides businesses the opportunity to upgrade the skills of their workforce ...
Specialized Training for Oahu Ag farmers, Entrepreneurs and Businesses Windward CC has partnered with the State of Hawaii Ag Advisory Board ...
Creating a new generation of “old masters”
What happens when modern 21st century art students meet 19th century teaching techniques ...
Entrepreneurial Seed To Plate course promotes sustainability
This course focuses on four key areas of study: Western gardening, traditional Native Hawaiian practices related to ...
Adventure Design for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Explore Professional Adventure Design and Development in this 3 week intensive online program. ...
Hawai‘i Ocean Education Academy Promotes Ocean Education for All
Coordinator Ian Masterson presented at a breakout session at the National Association of Aquatic Professionals ...
Ko‘olau Shrimp Pa‘ina 2016
A delicious food celebration was had by all at the first Ko‘olau Shrimp Pa‘ina on Saturday ...