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Program Coordinator

Jane Uyetake
tel: (808) 235-7363
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Using Spreadsheets to Help Manage Your Life

Spreadsheets can be a very useful tool to organize, track or analyze information in our everyday lives. Learn different ways to use Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets to help simplify and accomplish tasks. Learn to use both desktop and online spreadsheet programs to build useful templates for things such as personal finance, budgeting, maintaining lists and other practical applications.

Instructor: Cory Tengan
Class meets: Thursday, Oct 27, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Location:  Windward CC, Hale Kuhina 114
Cost: $79

COM7032 4/20 1 mtg.
Exploring Windows 8
This hands-on course covers the latest Microsoft operating system and its new features. Learn the new user interface and provide options for the "missing" Start menu. Learn about the news tiles and full screen apps and much more.

Instructor: Stephen Chang
Class meets: 2 hrs.
Location: Windward CC, Hale Kuhina
1 mtg.
Microsoft Windows Tips & Tricks
Learn how to efficiently use Windows to save time. Gain knowledge to better utilize the use of your keyboard and mouse in your Windows application.
Here are some of the tips and tricks to be covered:
MS Windows: Common but seldom used window key combinations, used or forgotten keyboard shortcuts
Mouse or keyboard: Common but forgotten mouse gestures
Web browsing: Navigating your browser with mouse and keyboard shortcuts, new ways to use your browser
MS Office: Undo or redo? Formatting tricks
MS Word: Selecting  text shortcuts, ruler tips
MS Excel: Autofill techniques, naming ranges tips
MS PowerPoint: Presentation tips/tricks, good or not so good presentations

Instructor: Stephen Chang
Location: Windward CC, Hale Kuhina
1 mtg.
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Discovering the World of iPad
New to iPad?  Enhance your classroom learning environment through the use of your iPad. Explore the Apple App Store, iTunesU, iBooks and other educational apps. This hands-on session will teach you how to use your iPad navigation tools and camera settings. You will have the opportunity to share and discuss classroom strategies to enhance classroom learning with the iPad.  Feel free to bring your own iPad so you can follow along.

Instructor: Stephen Chang
Class meets: Wednesday, 5:00 – 7:30 pm
Location: Windward CC, Hale Kuhina
1 mtg.
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Customized Training

If your business needs efficiency and speed to compete in today’s fast moving economy or want your employees to learn techniques that can otherwise take years to master customized training may be your answer.

We offer the following sessions:
• Customizable content that is software or technical skill building specific
• Analysis of specific job workflows
• Variable course duration and teaching formats for large or small groups
• On-site training if space is available

For a free consultation or more information please contact Jane Uyetake at 235-7363 or

Here are some of our most requested courses.

Business Applications Using Microsoft Excel 2013 - Level 1
Level 1 covers intermediate Microsoft Excel skills. Intermediate topics covered include formatting worksheets, importing Web data, sorting worksheet rows, freezing headings, using templates and more.
Business Applications Using Micrsoft Excel 2013 - Level 2
Level 2 covers intermediate Microsoft  Excel skills. Intermediate topics covered include advanced formatting of worksheets, importing web data, sorting worksheet rows, freezing headings, using templates and more.
Microsoft Word 2013 For The Business World - Level 1
Level 1 is a complete survey of Microsoft Word introductory skills. Topics covered include working with text, using proofreading tools, formatting tools, creating bulleted and numbered lists, creating and using tables, using forms and more.
Business Applications Using Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 - Level 1
Level 1 covers key introductory Microsoft Powerpoint skills. Topics covered include themes, bulleted lists, outlines formatting text, delivering slide show and more.
Microsoft Word 2013 For The Business World - Level 2
Level 2 covers intermediate Word 2010 skills. Topics covered include newsletter columns, WordArt and clip art, basic mail merge, document themes, styles, picture editing, footnotes and endnotes, templates and more.
If you would like to schedule a consultation or have any questions please fill out the contact form below or call Jane Uyetake at (808) 235-7363.
Cover of Midweek magazine featuring Chris Duque on the cover. Title: To Catch-A-Cyber-Crook.

Midweek June 17, 2015

Chris Duque shares his cybercrime insight.
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Cory Tengan is a Consultant at Business Solution Technologies. He holds a BA from the University of Washington in Business: Finance and Information Systems. Cory has experience as an IT Business Process Analyst, IT Security Adminstrator and IT Project Manager for Servco Pacific Inc., Senior Consultant-Business Intelligence and Performance Management for Hitachi Consulting specializing in ELT architecture and implementation via SQL Server Integration Services–SSIS.
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Stephen Chang has over 30 years of experience in the information technology movement. He spearheaded
the early adoption and development of CAD/CAM; (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, developed and implemented CAD/CAM training for the sheet metal and ship fitter trades, and collaborated with all US Naval shipyards to implement CAD/CAM standards.

Stephen has developed a comprehensive computer skills training program for foreign military and government personnel attending various seminars and courses while at the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies. He continues to develop curriculum, teach and help others enjoy and maximize the use of their computers and technology.